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AvengersxReader- Mario Kart Wii
It was a day since the Mario Kart incident. You hummed and began to do the card pyramid once again. You laughed to yourself, the memory of Tony losing to the god of mischief still fresh in your mind as it did happen yesterday, not only did Tony sulk but you knew his ego was bruised slightly. You shook your head at the memory.
Out of the corner of your eye you spotted Tony was plotting something and you didn't know what. But you knew to not like it one bit. You ignored him and continued your pyramid. You did however see Tony grin and bolt from the scene. You raised an eyebrow.
“What is man of iron up to?” Loki asked with suspicion.
You shrugged. “No idea, whatever it is, we should brace ourselves.”
You continued your pyramid while Loki went back to reading.
Bruce walked into the room. Frowning, you glanced at him and raised and eyebrow.
“What's wrong?” You asked.
“Tony was grinning like the Cheshire cat.” He answered.
You and Loki exchange
:iconglitteryglow:GlitteryGlow 180 34
AvengersxReader- Mario Kart
You sat on your knees on the floor as you were currently making a card pyramid on the coffee table. Natasha was cleaning her gun out. Clint was lurking in the vents somewhere. Bruce and Steve were talking quietly to themselves while Thor was watching you do said pyramid, he had asked a couple of questions but that was it and fell silent when you let out a small growl, a clear sign you were busy doing something else. Loki was somewhere in the tower, probably in the library reading as normal. You smiled as you were finished, so close, oh so close.
“Hey guys!” Tony yelled as he entered the room and slammed a box on the table.
Your pyramid fell as you were about to do the last triangle.
“Damn it Tony!” You screamed.
He looked at you. “Were you doing something?”
Thor held you back to prevent you from strangling the idiot who ruined your masterpiece. Tony spotted the cards on the table.
“Oh.” He mumbled but then shrugged. “Oh well.”
:iconglitteryglow:GlitteryGlow 373 39
Mature content
Vampire Knight Kaname x Reader Chapter 3 (Finale) :iconbrenecia14:brenecia14 249 100
Wolverine x Reader
Wolverine (Logan) x Reader
“Five times the Avengers tried to pair the reader with another Avenger and the one time they realized the pair was already dating.”
AN: Reader is the Norse goddess of Nature
Attempt #1
It was taking all of your willpower not to fall asleep in the meeting that Fury had called; he was just droning on and on. Next to you, your brother Thor was in a similar state as was your other brother, Loki.
It probably wasn’t the best idea to have a celebration on Asgard due to the defeat of Surtur but Asguardians didn’t really need a reason to celebrate and the festival had gone on to the early hours of this morning.  Your only consoling thought was that if you were mortal, you would have dropped mere hours into the festival.
“Wolverine, I thought I told you that there was to be no smoking in the debriefing room.” Fury stopped his lecture to glare at Logan, who was indeed smoking one of his cigars.
Logan raised an eyebrow, “Ya
:iconscrougeofares:scrougeofares 853 160
Law x Pregnant!Reader A happy family?
    You were worried. Throwing up was normal for a perfectly healthy person right? Yeah, you hadn't even believed that thought either. Standing up, you brushed yourself off and walked out of the bathroom of the thousand sunny. It had been luck that the straw hats had passed by when they did because you hadn't wanted to vomit that day's lunch around your husband, Trafalgar Law. He would surely question you about it and that thought alone made your stomach flip more than it already was. As you exited the bathroom the straw hats doctor, chopper, came up to you. "Are you feeling OK (Y/N)? You were in there for a really long time." You nodded and assured the reindeer that you were fine but he continued to insist that you get a check-up to make sure that nothing serious was happening. That thought set you at ease because you knew it would be someone other than your secretly overbearing husband.
    After a few tests had been run, Chopper stood in front of you with the res
:iconpeppypip09:peppypip09 220 18
Trafalgar Law x Reader Period Pains
    You were in your room, curled up in a ball, groaning at the intense pain in your lower abdomen. Mother nature had decided to rear it's unholy wrath. Unfortunately she decided to do it on one f the most beautiful day you had seen since leaving your home and becoming a pirate. "Ohmygodohmoygodohmygod owowowowowowowow. I wish I would've been born a boy." you muttered into your pillow as another wave of pain wash over your body. Then, for some forsaken reason, a wave of nausea hit you and you ran to the bathroom, ready to blow chunks at any moment.
    The door to your room opened as a certain surgeon entered your room. He looked around the room until he spotted an open door. Walking over, he saw your slumped form against the toilet. "I don't think anything's gonna happen in the toilet (y/n)-ya." he smirked out. You looked at him with a straight face before responding "No shit Sherlock." and as you finished the sentence another wave of nausea hit and you put your he
:iconpeppypip09:peppypip09 263 31
Law x Reader: Silent
“In summary, you're are telling me that you made an alliance with a guy you don't know more than he saved your life” You said to your captain, then sending a short glance to the new guest, the Shichibukai Trafalgar Law, more known as Surgeon of Death. You weren't with them during all the Punk Hazard thing just because you had to take care of the ship, and Caesar's subordinates didn't find you because you had great skills in being as silent as you could. This resulted in Luffy being attracted to you, so you had not much of a choice. Luffy laughed in his way and gave you a toothy smile.
“Yep!” You sweat-dropped at your captain's stupidity, at the same time cuteness.
“You sure are confident” You muttered and sighed, then turned to the poor doctor who didn't even know what he had got himself into. “Well, guess it's nice to meet you, Trafalgar-san. Now, be careful, my captain can be hilarious sometimes” You had to warn him, even with a polite
:iconpiratehero3:PirateHero3 199 48
Law x Spanish!Reader: Sweet.
“Captain? Can I come in?” You asked a bit insecure, softly knocking on the metallic door before adjusting the tray with Law's dinner. You felt a bit worried, because he hadn't come to eat, although there were times that he wouldn't even leave his office. You hated those days. Partially because he wasn't taking care of his heath as much as he knew he should. And... well, you wouldn't admit it, but you despised not seeing him for long periods of time.
You bit your lip when you got no response in like twenty long seconds, and felt your heart clench with concern. As you were about to knock again, footsteps were heard from behind the barrier that kept you from your captain, before the door opened slowly. A wave of relief washed over you when you saw his expression, always serious, but you couldn't come to care about it.
“Hola, capitán (hello captain).” You said sweetly, and lifted the tray. “I-I brought you food.” You said shyly, hoping that he would
:iconpiratehero3:PirateHero3 177 76
Comfy Trafalgar Law x Reader
   You hummed happily as you ran your fingers through Bepo's soft white fur. It was a perfect day outside and you were enjoying the sunshine by taking a little nap. The warmth of the deck beneath you and Bepo's steady breathing were positively divine. But something was off. You opened your eyes as a shadow passed over you, squinting up you saw your captain standing above you.
    "What do you think you're doing, (y/n)." Asked Law with a frown. "I thought I told you to clean the deck."
    "I already did that, captain-san. Now I'm taking a nap, or is that suddenly against the rules?" You replied as you snuggled closer to Bepo. Law sighed and lifted you up as if you were a child.
    "You can't sleep out here, (y/n). You have an actual bed with actual pillows inside." Said Law.
    "That's not the same! Bepo is warm and cuddly! He can't fit on my bed so how can I do this inside!?" You cried out, angrily trying to get Law to drop you by fl
:icondeavagirl:deavagirl 389 45
SinbadxReader Drunk part 1
"Aaaaand he's drunk again." one of your fellow servants said. " I told you he wouldn't stay sober tonight." he said. " Come on pay up! I won the bet!" he said and held out his hand. "Ugh, fine fine. Here you go." you said and gave him two coins. "I thought for sure that he would stay sober tonight. Since he had some important visitors over not even 1 hour ago......How fast can someone get drunk?!" you mumbbled while pouting and continued swiping the floor. "I don't know. But our king sure is good at it." he said while pointing to the open door with his thumb. "Anyway I'm going to bring back these vases." he said and picked up two heavily decorated exspecive looking vases. "Don't let them fall!" you yelled after him. " I won't" he said and turned the corner. You sighed and looked at the dooropening your fellow servant had pointed at not to long ago. You blushed a little bit at sight before you. Your king, the king of Sindria, was sitting on the couch obviously being drunk. His clothes w
:iconnekkohime:Nekkohime 202 49
Top or Bottom? (StevexReader) One-Shot
It was a typical Sunday night of you and the other Avengers sitting around in a large table talking to one another. Sunday was the day you all got together to hang out and just tell each other what you had been doing this past week. After all the information had been exchanged and everyone was caught up with each other's lives, that's when the fun started. Tony of course cracked lots of jokes as well as Clint and Thor stuffed his face while Steve was learning new slang with each sentence that left everyone's mouth. Natasha and Bruce had both loosened up but that was probably because of the beer they were drinking. You of course were playing along with Clint and Tony, making jokes of your own. 
Then an idea came to your head. A certain topic that you could all talk about. You had done it before with your friends and sure enough it would be fun to talk about it with your Avenger besties.
"So...." You began with a mischievous smile. "You guys want to play a guessing game?"
"What kind
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 1,178 237
Mystogan X Reader--Surprise!
Just a cute story  *cough*  SO MUCH FLUFF FOR A SHORT DRABBLE THING *cough* with Mystogan and stuff that I wanted to write down without writing down a whole story/oneshot to this. Hope you enjoy! -Xyla
You happily skipped your way down a cobblestone street, examining the colorful brick buildings and the cheerful locals while they sold merchandise and conversed with each other. 
So this is Magnolia?
You thought to yourself with admiration. The sun was beating down on everyone and you were thankful to be wearing a (favorite color) skirt and a loose white tank; a traveling handbag wrapped around your shoulder.
Oh I definitely like where this is going. You giggled, approaching a guild with giddiness. You just couldn't wait to meet your special other once he came back from his trip!
He will be thrilled! You then stifled a giggle to yourself, trying to not attract unwanted attention by weirdly laughing to yourself.
:iconxyla-tomatoes-14:Xyla-tomatoes-14 478 97
Stroke| Reader X Paulie
              It was frickin’ boiling outside! Seriously it’s like Mother Nature turned the oven to ‘hotter than hell’ and broke the thermometer. All the men around you were down to their shorts and were still sweating up a storm. Now you, were not so lucky.
              You wore a loose-fitting white t-shirt, which was completely soaked with sweat and now clung to your body and a pair of baggy blue shorts that fell just above your knee. The men working on either side of you told you that you were over dressed and they wouldn’t complain if you wanted to go change or at least take a break, but you said no. If you changed your clothes or took a break before yours was scheduled Paulie would have a fit. And you’d already promised you’d stop causing trouble.
:iconpsychocircus774:PsychoCircus774 91 7
Nekotalia!FACExKitten!Reader -Pt 2-
   For weeks, you were stuck laying down while someone watched you, whether it be a person or one of the other toms as you got better. Sure enough, you had gotten a bad cold after falling into the pool.
  Mainly, all you did was rest. You only got up when it was absolutely needed, otherwise you'd be scolded by one of the two tom cats. They meant well, seeing as how you did get rather feverish every now and then.
  After weeks of rehabilitating, you became well enough to start moving around the house more freely, just exercising a bit more. Often times, the two younger brother's would invite you to play with them with the exception that they don't do anything to seriously hurt you again.
  When you were finally allowed outside, you vowed to stay close to your adoptive family, not venturing too near the edge in fear you'd fall back in. Even if Amerikit or Canadakit wandered too close to the edge, you would start feeling uneasy.
  If you went outside, you alw
:iconmikmik121:mikmik121 356 90
[One Piece] Home Sweet Home (MihawkxReader)
You were walking on top of water in the middle of the ocean.
Well, you weren't walking on water, per se. You were actually walking on air. You had eaten the Kaze Kaze no Mi (Wind-Wind Fruit), an Akuma no Mi (Devil/Cursed Fruit) of the Logia (Nature System) class that allowed you to control and manipulate the wind.
You were lost. You had been being chased by some pirates and had escaped into the air, only to find yourself in the middle of nowhere when you tried to land and find solid ground.
But then again, you never did have a good sense of direction.
Your bare feet skimmed the surface of the water as your white knee-length sundress fluttered around you. You finally managed to spot a black dot in the distance. Tired and hungry, you let yourself be lifted into the air and was blown towards the island, riding the wind.
You weren't really a pirate. You were more of a nomad. You lost your parents at a young age and no one wanted you, fearing your Kaze Kaze no Mi powers. You did odd jobs no
:iconxhellxbutterflyx:xhellxbutterflyx 159 21
I'll Be Your Glass Of Wine (MihawkxReader)
You sat calmly on your bed, in a (F/C) tank-top and black shorts. Reading a book while sipping on a glass of wine. Perona was quiet today, normally she would be pestering you or Mihawk, and being he has been gone for a week, her pestering to you had only intensified. So far Perona hasn’t made an appearance almost all day, you were almost worried, and her quietness only meant she was up to no good. Reason being, she was the only one other than Zoro, who knew about your crush on the Golden-eyed Swordsman.
After another hour, you had just finished sipping on the wine, and set the empty glass on the bed-side table, when you heard an all too familiar laugh. You look up from your book to see the childish woman smirk at you before disappearing through the wall. You raise an eyebrow, and few minutes went by before you heard the familiar sounds of boots on the marble floors, and a knock sounded on your door. You snap your book closed and laid it in your lap with a small smile. “Come
:iconshadowshredder:ShadowShredder 164 8


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